The Project

Forest Department in Assam is composed of three primary wings that manage the forest divisions Territorial (33), Social Forestry (14), and Wildlife (8). The Forest department also has a Research, Education, and Working Plan (REWP) wing who are responsible for working plan preparation & forest resources inventory and assessment. The Assam Project on Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Society, a Special Purpose Vehicle created by the Government of Assam and registered under the Societies Registration Act is mandated with overall execution, management, and coordination of the project activities through a Project Management Unit (PMU) established to implement the project. Project implementation sites - Forest divisions and other entities would be considered Field Implementation Units (FIUs). The PMU will be supported by technical assistance from a Project Management and Monitoring Consultant. The overall vision of the project is that it. This overarching vision/goal shall be reached through the following three main specific objectives:
Developing participatory Sustainable Forest and Biodiversity management under changing climatic conditions.
Improving the livelihoods for Forest neighboring communities through inclusive (collective and individual) supports.
Strengthening the Forest department to better fulfill its missions.